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ROMANS 6: 1 - 5

JESUS CHRIST was spoken of by an angelic messenger who assured
us -- "He is risen!"
In that act, humanities final fear was finished. Death had
staggered the faith of His followers when the message of His
unbelievable resurrection revived their hope. Death and the
thought of it still does the same to us. Why, therefore,
someone might justifiably ask, talk about it.
A recent report revealed that the average teenager thinks about
death once every five minutes. Death is considered one of the
three most thought about topics in our society. It poses a
problem to us because we have no control over it. It is
troublesome to us because it alone knows its timing.
Job asked: "if a man die, shall he live again?" (John 14:14a)
Jesus Christ in a word and deed answered: "Because I live, you
shall live also" (John 14: 19b). Then He went out and died to
prove He lives eternally; and thus assures us of our eternal
The writer of Romans used a beautiful symbol to illustrate our
identity with Christ in new life (Romans 6: 3, 4).
The Greek word BAPTIZO is used to help us relate in our
understanding to our new relationship with Christ. The word
hastwo uses:
Literal: The word literally means to submerge or immerse.
Figurative: The word means to identify with.
The baptism of Jesus Christ depicts both applications. He was
literally immersed in water by John the Baptist. Why?
If baptism was intended to save, it was improper for Him to be
baptized in that He had no s ...

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