Seeing Jesus Is Worth The Effort by Nelson Price


LUKE 19: 1 - 10

JESUS CHRIST, nearing the end of His earthly pilgrimage,
detoured on His way to Jerusalem. His journey carried Him
through the oldest known city on earth, Jericho. This wealthy
city was once given Cleopatra by Mark Anthony. As a trade
center, it was populated by the wealthy.
Jericho was also the city destroyed by Joshua when he entered
the land of promise. At that time a curse was placed on the
city. Jesus' trip through the city was a microcosm of His
ministry. He entered a cursed world to seek and to save.
In Jericho He encountered an interesting individual named
Zacchaeus. His name meant holiness, but his life spelled evil.
The very word "evil" is "live" spelled backwards. It is strange
that many engaged in evil refer to it as "really living."
Actually evil is really anti-life. This evil, little man had
made his money as a tax collector. As such, he had accumulated
enormous wealth by extortion.
Against that background, let's pick up the story of this man who
is often spoken of as "a wee little man" because of his lack of
I.THE OBJECTIVE (Vs. 3a "He sought to see who Jesus was...")
Having heard of Him, he wanted to know for himself who Jesus
was. Perhaps you too have heard about Jesus but don't know
personally and experientially who Jesus it. Use these moments
togive your undivided attention to ascertaining for yourself who
He is.
II.OBSTACLES (Vs. 3b "...but could not for the crowd...")
If you date to determine to seek Jesus, you can be assured satan
will put ever ...

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