How To Enter Your Land Of "REST" by Nelson Price


JOSHUA 1: 1 - 10 (READ VSS. 1 - 6)

JESUS CHRIST has a blessing in store for you that He wants you
to obtain. He has it in store for you, but you must take the
initiative under His Lordship to obtain it. He has designed it,
provided it, and will enable you to possess it; BUT you must be
His responsive servant.
Joshua and the children of Israel, in their possession of the
land of promise, is a beautiful example of what the Lord has in
store for you.
Moses had died an the mantle of leadership had fallen on Joshua.
His faithfulness among the murmuring critics of Moses in an
hour of unfaithfulness had confirmed Him as a man of God willing
to be used. Note these factors:
They had come to the one remaining natural barrier that had to
be faced before entering the promised land. They came to the
Jordan at flood time. The Jordan really isn't a formidable river
other than during the flood season.
They could have moaned and complained about God's poor
scheduling just as we often do. We do when we fail to realize
His timing is always perfect. Anybody could cross the Jordan at
its normal best. Only God could enable them to cross now. For
that same reason, God often puts us in situations where we can't
help but see His cooperative hand involved in our affairs.
A second intimidating aspect had to do, not with thecrossing,
but in facing the unknown that was beyond.
They were challenged to "go over this Jordan." For the first
time, they had a specific direction. We too need to stop

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