The Christ You Will Confront by Nelson Price


REVELATION 1: 7 - 20
(READ VSS. 7, 8 & 17 - 20)

JESUS CHRIST has said, "I will come again..."
As certainly as He came to Bethlehem He will come again to the
Mount of Olives.
As He came to die so He will come to reign.
As He came to be crucified so He will come to be crowned.
His first advent loses its meaning apart from His second coming.
"Behold, He cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see Him."
Prophecy occupies about 1/4 of all Scripture. The second coming
is dealt with 1,845 times in the Bible, 318 times in the N.T.
It is a dominant theme of 17 O.T. books. Every chapter in I and
II Thess. closes with a reference to the second coming. Seven
of every ten verses in the N.T. refer to His second coming.
Martin Luther: "I live as though Jesus died yesterday, rose
today, and is coming tomorrow."
New of His coming will reach the bottom of every grave on earth.
The second coming is the theme of the Revelation. Our text
relates to the first vision in the Revelation. It deals with His
second coming.
This vision divides itself into three parts:
I.HIS MAJESTY (Vss. 7 - 11)
A. He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End." These
are the spelled out anglicized form of the first and the last
letters of the Greek alphabet, and they enclose all letters
necessary for all words and expressions. They speak of His
eternality. He CREATED all things, CONTROLS all things, and
will CONSUMMATE all things.
B. "the Almighty" (vs. 8). PANTOKRATOR is the Greek word used.
It means to have strength to rule all. It is equivalent to th ...

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