Forgiveness: Who Needs It? by Nelson Price


LUKE 23: 33, 34

JESUS CHRIST, suspended between heaven and earth on a cross,
prayed. His gaze pierced the souls of His accusers and He seeing
their need prayed: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know
what they do."
How much more do you NOW need forgiveness than you KNOW?
He has given us the Bible to inform us...
the Spirit to convict us...
the church to instruct us...
and His love to inspire us.
Do you need forgiveness? Let me in Christ name offer it to you.
Come with me to the place of its offering CALVARY:
A place of cursing and a place of blessing...
Where we see man at his worse and God at His best.
Where we see the awful depths of man's sins and the
tremendous heights of God's love.
CALVARY where all our hopes for time and eternity rest.
Here all Jesus' teachings and actions are fulfilled.
God was great on Sinai. The lightening preceded Him and the
thunder attended Him, the earth trembled and the mountains
quaked. There is a great revelation of God in this.
On Calvary: nailed to a cross, wounded, thirsting, dying, there
is a greater revelation. There Christ prayed, "Father forgive
them..." Great is the God of power. Greater is the Godof love.
Great is a faith based on justice but greater is one based on
pardoning mercy.
"Then", when? After the soldiers had played the game of Basalia
(Matt. 27:27-31; Mark 15:16-19; John 19:1-3).
In the Greek text it is rendered: "He kept on praying." His
public ministry ...

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