Your Love Makes A Difference by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 5: 43 - 48

JESUS CHRIST needs a body through which to love people today.
He has challenged every Christian to let Him use their body as a
means of expressing His love to the world. In order that we
might understand what is involved He has given us insight as to
what is involved.
His love is "perfect". Vs 45 "He makes the sun to shine on the
evil and the good." He loves even His enemies. He asks us to
do the same.
A.He shares (sun) gives -- John 3:16
B.He showers (rain). He is lavish in his love.
C.The subject of His love (just and unjust).
PERFECT = Greek "teleios." It speaks of functionality. A thing
is perfect if it realizes the purpose for which it was designed
and made. "Teleios" is the adjective form of the noun "telos"
which means an end, goal, or purpose. A thing is perfect if it
reaches the purpose for which it was made. A rose is perfect
when it fulfills the purpose for which it was created and
blooms. An infant is perfect when it grows to its full statue
and strength. An acorn is perfect when it becomes a towering
oak in the forest. A Christian is perfect when he or she loves
like Christ loved. When you fulfill the purpose for which you
were ...

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