Mother's Maze by Nelson Price


PROVERBS 23: 22 - 25

JESUS CHRIST echoed the command of the Father when He quoted the
O.T. challenge to "honor your father and your mother." This
command is in need of present application.
This is that occasion when once a year we pause to pay tribute
to one who is our listening post, servant-in-waiting, constant
companion, and scapegoat. Affectionately she is called mother.
She willingly walked through the valley of the shadow of death
to give us birth. Wisely Solomon urged that we not forget her
in her old age.
Note the text appeals to us to "buy the truth." This is an
appeal to obtain wisdom at all cost. It is followed by the
admonition not to sell it. That means don't sell out the truth.
Part of the truth referred to in this passage relates to
The potential of being a mother is often entered into
prematurely as a result of persons putting their own immediate
sensual ambition above reason. Sex used as an end in itself as
God never intended it to be often results in parenthood before a
couple intends. What then?
Planned Parenthood Federation of America is one of ninety
national affiliates of the International Planned Parenthood
Federation. It receives about two-thirds of its funding from
local, state, and national tax money. It operates approximately
729 clinics in the U.S. Their total annual cash low is
estimated to be close to one-half billion dollars. It
concentrates itsefforts on contraception, sex education, and
abortion. Though not all of their offices do abortions many do.
In their 51 ...

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