How A Family Can Grow Together by Nelson Price


GENESIS 18: 17 - 19

JESUS CHRIST scanned the vocabulary of earth to choose a word to
help us understand the character and compassion of Jehovah God.
He chose the title "father." In doing so He also let us know
what is expected of the character of male parents. They are to
be Godly.
In a day when we have many single parent families "Father's Day"
is met with mixed emotions. Since its inception in June 1922,
the role of dad has dramatically drifted from the ideal to
become all God would have them be. It is a sharing of
principles which ideally should be fostered by the dad but in
homes where there is no dad or where he has forfeited his
responsibilities need to carried out anyway.
God said that Abraham was to "command" his children and his
household. Someone has to take charge if a household is to
"keep the way of the Lord."
Ideally it needs to begin with the commitment in marriage. An
American tourist ask his Chinese host about divorce in China.
The young man in Hong Kong explained how marriages were arranged
by the parents when the children were young and often did not
meet until marriage. When asked about "falling in love" and
"romance" he replied, "That is your problem in America. You
Americans look upon marriage as a romance -- we look upon it as
a commitment." Responsibility and reliability should go
together as a hand a glove. Unfortunately the hand has been
taken out ofthe glove.
The best way to command is to commend by example. That takes
time. A recent study at Corne ...

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