Faith Of Our Father's Part Vii by Nelson Price

Ephesians 2: 8 - 10

Jesus Christ said, "Except you be born again you cannot enter
into the kingdom of God." This graphic statement speaks of how
one is saved. What saves a person?
In answer to this, let's look at the life of one of our founding
fathers and use his life as an illustration. John Adams, the
second president of the United States is worthy of consideration
of thinking of what saves us. Not his:
He was born October 19, 1735, in Braintree, Mass., which later
became Quincy, His parents were John and Susanna Adams. His
dad was the senior deacon in their church.
His grandfather, who came over from the old country, brought
with him nine books. John's parents had three books in their
home: the Bible and Willard's Book of Divinity were the two
most used.
His heritage was splendid but remember that Jesus dealt with
persons who claimed as their key to heaven their heritage as
descendants of Abraham. That is good, but that is not enough.
The family's next door neighbor was the warm-hearted Rev. Lemuel
Briant, their pastor. Regular worship was a part of the family
lifestyle. This is good, but going to church won't save you.
It is a great place to learn how to be saved, however.
John kept a life-long detailed diary. He wrote of going to
church in the winter of 1745, when the snow was deep. There
wasice on the inside of the church windows. There was no heat.
As was the custom of the period, he sat in the balcony with all
other youth. (There were sextons who supervised them.) One
Sunday as he sat there looking down on the adult members of the

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