Faith Of Our Fathers Part Vi by Nelson Price


JAMES MADISON (1751 - 1836)

JESUS CHRIST said, "No man cometh to the Father but by me" (John
14:6). No person? Right, no person!
Many argue that is narrow and restrictive. Do we so protest when
our doctor says there is only one adequate course of action? No,
we commend them for knowing and commending ONE way.
We are accustomed to and reliant upon exactness in many areas of
life. There are precisely 16 ounces to a pound. Exactly 12
inches to a foot. There are no more or no less than 100 cents to
a dollar. Water boils at 22 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level. We
find these facts reassuring. Their reliability gives us
The fact that there is only way to the Father should not cause
us to marvel. We should be elated that there is one way.
In understanding this one way and in order to apply certain
measuring standards to ourselves, let's use an admirable example
to examine our own lives. The personality is that of our
nation's fourth President, James Madison. Was James Madison a
Before directly addressing the issue, I must make a personal
confession: I am a pro-Madison fan. I have great admiration and
appreciation for the man. That is inconsequential, however, in
considering was he a Christian.
Madison, our fourth President (1809-1817) is known as "the
father of the Constitution". We tend to make our heros larger
than life. We think of all of them as great strong men. James
Madison was a wisp of a weakly little man scarcely five feet
fivewho weighed little more than 100 pounds. He was a sickly
boy, skinny and insipid loo ...

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