The Choice Is Yours by Nelson Price


Joshua 24: 13 - 17

JESUS CHRIST stands at life's crossroad affording persons their
most important choice. His challenge is "follow me".
Consider an O.T. experience as a case in point in decision
Joshua had gathered the tribes of Israel at Shechem where he now
holds the last congress. Schechem - located in a scenic mountain
pass between Ebal and Geruzim seemed to be impenetrable and
invulnerable as a result of the natural location. Joshua called
on the people to repent. He warned that no defense is adequate
except the Lord. America is in much the same position today. Our
reliance must be on the Lord. The pall-bearers that hauled away
the nations of Rome, Greece, Persia and others await the defense
of America.
A. CHOOSE = the marvel is not that we must choose but that we
may choose.
1. He explained the difficulty - vs. 19.
Holy = pure from all evil.
Jealous = zealously intent on His purpose.
Difficult: Bunyan - "I will stay in this jail until the moss
grows out of my eyebrows before I will make a mockery of my
conscience and a slaughterhouse out of my convictions."
Every time a Christian and sin meet on the battlefield of
temptation, there is either collision or collusion.
2. He proposed the candidates - vs. 15
They practiced child sacrifice (music). Scottish politician,
Andrew Fletcher, is credited with having said, "Let me make the
songs of a nation, and I care not who makes the law. Lust and
3. He set the example - vs. 15.
Andrew ...

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