Guess Who Really Wants Your Body? by Nelson Price


Romans 12: 1, 2

JESUS CHRIST said, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I
will raise it up" (John 2:19). Hearers thought He spoke of the
Temple on the holy mount but He "spoke of the temple of His
He referred to His body as a temple. Paul spoke of the temple of
the body as being inhabited by the Holy Spirit.
Rarely has a generation given greater attention to the human
body than the present one. Cosmetic sales are up. Diet fads
flourish. Exercise parlors proliferate. Jogging is the current
We are enlightened as to how important good hygiene, proper diet
and exercise are. Knowing their value might help us put in
perspective spiritual values. I Timothy 4:8 "Bodily exercise
profiteth little: but godliness profitable unto all things..."
The text does not say bodily exercise isn't profitable. It is
but by comparison with godliness it "profiteth little." If this
is true, why do Christians spend more time jogging than praying,
exercising than witnessing, or contemplating the latest fad diet
than fasting for spiritual purposes?
The ancient Romans were able to better understand our text as it
was addressed to them in Romans 12: 1,2 than we. They knew of
"living sacrifices."
The blood thirsty pagan Romans enjoyed a live enactment of their
myths and dramas. They enjoyed seeing a Christian cast in the
role of one of their imaginary personalities. Thus
thereenactment of a heroine was tied to the tail of a wild bull
by her hair and dragged to death, another whose hide was pealed
off while alive, others burned alive. All of these acts ...

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