What Is Your Attitude Toward Life? by Nelson Price


Job 7: 11 - 16

JESUS CHRIST proposes to be the eternal, internal, invisible,
enabling ingredient in the life of the believer. He desires to
indwell and infill His followers so as to give them sustaining
and victory gaining strength. Without Him, many can't live the
abundant life. Some who profess Him fail to demonstrate this
dynamic. For some, it is simply because they do not realize what
their spiritual assets are or they have failed to avail
themselves of them. For others it is because they have gone
through the motion of religion without engaging in the devotion
it requires. This is easily illustrated.
Prince Potyemkin, Catherine the Great's paramour and prime
minister of Russia, performed one of the most impressive
wool-pulling feats in history. For years the Russian empress
supplied him with money to build new settlements in Siberia. He
pocketed the money and professed the building. Catherine,
confined to her royal routine never knew she was being fooled.
When she announced she wanted to see her town, Potyemkin ordered
stage-prop villages with lavish exteriors with nothing inside to
be built. The empress never emerged from her carriage and was
fooled by the facade.
Let's turn in the O.T. to consider a personality who had the
enabling grace of God in difficulty. With all of his afflictions
Job almost went under 3 times. He got so dejected he cried out 3
times: "Let me alone..."
I.LIFE IS EMPTY = 7:16 "my days are vanity"
Job almost became a social and spiritual if not psychotic manic
depressive. His life seemed empty. Many having this fe ...

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