The Essential Ingredient In The Recipe F by Nelson Price


II Corinthians 6: 1 - 10

JESUS CHRIST stood at the grave of His dear friend Lazarus and
in essence prayed: "Father, I thank you for my dead friend
Once he thanked the Father that He revealed the secrets of the
kingdom to babes and not the wise and prudent.
On the eve of His betrayal as He approached crucifixion He burst
forth into an unprecedented prayer of praise.
Note one common characteristic of each of these times of praise.
They were "valley of the shadow" hours.
We who claim to be followers of Christ would do well to learn
from His example. For our own welfare we need to offer what the
Psalmist called "the sacrifice of thanksgiving" (Ps. 116:17).
The holiday of Thanksgiving is purely American. We who
constitute the present generation of Americans often show little
gratitude. By reflecting on the conditions of that first
Thanksgiving, it is obvious that they did not give thanks simply
because things were so very good. They did it because they were
thankful. People are not thankful because they give thanks. They
give thanks because they are thankful. Likewise, it is not happy
people who are thankful, it is the thankful people who are
II Cor. 10 contains an example of people who give thanks. A
casual look at the conditions in which they did will reveal that
they did not do it because things were so wonderful. Note vss.
4,5. They had the essential element necessary for thanksgiving.
As a recipe for a certain dish needs just the right ingredients,
so a thankful heart must have one particular ingredient. T ...

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