Revival Results In Rejoicing by Nelson Price


Nehemiah 1: 1 - 7

JESUS CHRIST wants you to have the joy of your salvation

which He purchased with His own blood. He wants you to live the
abundant life and enjoy spiritual victory daily. If you are not,
there is a need in your life. That need is for revival. To
understand better what is meant by this, let's study an
experience in the life of another O.T. character. Israel had
been in captivity in Babylon for 70 years. Persia defeated
Babylon and gave the Jews the privilege of returning to their
homeland. 50,000 did return. Immediately they began to
reconstruct the temple. People who had settled in the land
during their exile began to criticize them. After finishing the
temple foundation they stopped work. Twenty years later Haggai
motivated them to complete it. Sixty more years lapsed and
others returned from Babylon. The temple had been rebuilt but
the walls of the city were not. The walls were a symbol of the
spiritual condition of the people. Their spiritual life was in
shambles. Nehemiah was living in the land at the time serving as
the king's cupbearer, a very comfortable position.
Now apply the rest of the story to your own spiritual life.
News of the physical and spiritual plight of the people was
brought to the attention of Nehemiah. He did not realize the
need for revival until someon ...

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