Your World Through Different Eyes by Nelson Price


Philippians 2: 1 - 5

JESUS CHRIST is described as having an encounter with a rich
young ruler. Mark (10:21) records it: "Then Jesus, looking on
him loved him..." Jesus "beholding him loved him." You can put
your name in place of the young man and the truth still relates:
"Then Jesus looking on ME loved ME."
He seeing us loves us not because we are so lovely, loving, or
lovable but because of His way of looking at people and things.
Your outlook is in control of your world. If you have a rotten
outlook you live in a rotten world. If you have a positive and
pleasant outlook, you live in a beautiful world.
Everybody has a different way of looking at things. Two people
can see the same thing differently because they look through
different eyes. A woman can walk into a roomful of strangers:
the dentist in the crowed notices her teeth; the cosmetologist
looks at her hair; the fashion designer observes her dress; the
English teacher is especially aware of her diction; and, if she
is pretty enough, every unmarried male in the room looks to see
if she is wearing a wedding band. There are many different ways
of looking at the same person or thing.
I had a dear friend who told me of how his salvation experience
changed his outlook. He said the night he was saved he went home
and was greeted by his wife. He said for the first time he saw
her as the loving wife she was and not just a person to be used.
He concluded, "I saw her for the first time as my wife."
There is a little couplet which concludes a meaningful poem.
Two men looked out of bars
One sa ...

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