You Are What You Think by Nelson Price


Romans 12:2

JESUS CHRIST, "What do you think of Christ?"
"As a man thinkest so he is" (Proverbs 23:7).
Have you ever taken comfort in such thought as: "I am thankful
that no man knows my thoughts, at least, I can really be myself
in the privacy of my mind."
How would you react if in reality a person were to step up to
you and instead of saying, "Smile you are on Candid Camera,"
they were to say, "Pardon me, we've been recording your thoughts
for the last ten minutes, now would you care to explain?"
The electrical impulse that an encephalograph can now measure
from your brain may someday be refined and decoded. Perhaps
someday anyone with a small transistorized pocket receiver may
be able to tune in on your thought life.
This would end lying abruptly. Hypocracy would be impossible.
There would be no withholding of the truth. Tack and politeness
would be refined. Criminology would be revolutionized.
Man is on the brink of interpreting man's thoughts. This seems
awesome. However, God has been in the business of knowing man's
thoughts from the beginning.
He is aware of our thoughts when they are scarcely formulated
(Psalms 139:2 NORLIE).
The Bible diagnoses our problem like this -
READ: Mark 7:21. The solution is Romans 12:2.
The way a man thinks affects everything about him.
Dr. Nathan S. Kline, Director of Research of the Rockland State
Hospital, said, "More human suffering has resulted from
depression than from any other single disease." Competent
pharmaceutical authorities admit tha ...

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