Together We Build by Nelson Price


Ezra 2:68

"...offered freely for the House of God to set it up in his
place" (2:68).
Cyrus, King of Persia, has let the people voluntarily return to
their homeland to rebuild the house of God. Cyrus' conquest of
Babylon brought him in contact with David who evidently
introduced him to Isaiah's prophetic writing which motivated him
to let the people return.
Not all the slaves offered their freedom consented to go. Many
did not want to relinquish their property. Those stirred and
moved to sacrifice for their God did not return. Gifts are
symptoms of a loving, submissive spirit. Refusal to give is also
a symptom.
They stayed or went. No one straddled the fence. There once was
a man whose house was built across the Arkansas-Missouri line.
It was ruled a man must pay taxes where he slept. Officials of
both states slipped up to his house and found the bed was across
the state line.
The more a should becomes DEVOUT the more a man can do WITHOUT.
They offered promptly without delay.
They offered spontaneously without restraint.
They offered proportionately and liberally.
One thing two Baptist's can't agree on, that is what a third
should ...

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