I'd Rather Be . . . by Nelson Price


Philippians 4: 10 - 13

JESUS CHRIST spoke often of qualities that produce contentment
in life. He typified by His very life this desirable quality of
WANT is the word he used. It meant "need" or even "destitution."
This want is described as being found in every circumstance
possible. Paul described it as:
ABASED - ranked below another or to be brought low. Meager
existence, humbling circumstances, or even abuse. Do you think
it is hard to be content in such circumstances? Consider the
other extreme.
ABOUND - to have more than abundance, to overflow. Some think it
evil to have POSSESSION, POSITION, OR POWER. Some even suggest
such assets should be given up or forsaken. It is much more
challenging and demanding to have such, use it properly, and
maintain a Christlike spirit than to give it up. In things GRAND
and GRIEVOUS, Paul had contentment. These things often come in
swift succession and thus further challenge contentment.
Paul said he had learned to be content. Have we? Do we evidence
our discontent? Have you noticed a variety of bumper stickers
stating, "I'd rather be...". We evidence that we believe
contentment is found in these things and circumstances. Thus, we
want to change our status.
There once was a canary and a goldfish who were very good
friends. They lived close to each other. One hot summer day as
they talked the goldfish heard the canary singing and said, "I
wish I lived in such a nice open cage and could sing like you."
The canary said, "I wish I lived in suc ...

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