The Word That Turned The World Upside Do by Nelson Price


I John 4: 7 - 12

JESUS CHRIST said, "Greater love hath no man than this, that he
lay down his life for a friend." He then promptly went out and
showed His divine love for the world by dying for his enemies."
In ancient Greek mythology there is a story of Admetus a noble,
handsome young man with all the personal qualities of
excellence. He fell ill with a disease which the Greek oracles
said would be fatal unless someone could be found who would die
in his place. Friends asked of each other, "Will you die for our
friend Admentus?" All agreed on his virtues but refused to die
for him. His parents when asked answered, "We love our son but
could not die for him." Finally, a beautiful young girl was
asked. Her name was Alcestis. She loved Admentus very much and
responded "Yes because he is such a good man and because the
world needs him so, I am willing to die for him.
Against such a mental background Jesus spoke of dying not for a
friend, but for your enemy. That is the great love He
demonstrated toward us, "For when we were yet without strength
Christ died for us."
The kind of love of which Christ spoke consumed many of His
followers. It had such a profound effect on them that as those
around them observed their conduct, citizens in one community
commented on their coming described them as "These men who have
turned the world upside down..." (Acts 17:6).
What is the word used to describe them that turned the world
upside down? The word which gave a new inverted set of values
tosociety was "AGAPE". It mean "love". It came to carry a
spirit ...

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