Conversion: A Change In Characted Condu by Nelson Price


Luke 19: 1 - 10

JESUS CHRIST made His way deliberately toward Jerusalem and the
mount of Calvary. The traveled through Jericho, the oldest city
on earth built on the lowest spot on earth. Centuries before,
Joshua and his trumpeters had conquered the city. Mark Anthony
once presented the city to Cleopatra as a gift. Now a most
remarkable event was about to occur. Jesus was about to
encounter a thieving tax collector, Zacchaeus. He was a publican
which meant he was a rogue.
Two things kept Zacchaeus from seeing Jesus.
A. The crowd. Those who were enthusiastic kept him from seeing
Jesus. Don't get in anyone's way and keep them from Jesus.
B. Zacchaeus himself. This was his native hindrance that kept
him from seeing Jesus. Is there some personal inherent part of
your character or nature keeping you from seeing, that is
comprehending Jesus? If so, climb above yourself.
God makes provisions for those who want to see Jesus spiritually
just as He provided a tree to enable Zacchaeus to see Jesus
St. Augustine: "Lord, make me pure, but not yet."
William Booth: "Lord, I give you everything there is in this
man, William Booth. Do with me as you will."
Sam Jones in Cartersville. You are not a captive of your track
record. You can change.
Conversion can be sudden and instantaneous. Often it appears to
be and it actually isn't. Physical birth often occurs in a
matter of minutes but it has been nine months in happening.
Often the struggle leading to conversion involves months.
Jesus ...

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