A Call Worthty Of Your Best by Nelson Price


I THESS. 2: 10 - 12

JESUS CHRIST is the embodiment of a summons issued by the
Father. He has called you. He has summonsed you to heaven -- and
much more. Consider these aspects of your call:
I.I THESS. 2: 11, 12 "Unto His Kingdom"
Thru participles.
Vs. 11 Exhorted = a strong appeal, to entreat. We are to help
people envision what God wants them to be. People can better
picture their potential if we given them an example of what
adventuresome living in Christ is like. Give them an exciting
model. "I have decided to become the kind of person I long for
our entire congregation to become so we can be an example for
Christ in our community."
The world longs to see examples of the fact Christianity works.
A dynamic church must demand and deserve development in
discipleship among its members. You are reproducing in your
brand of Christianity.
We must recapture and reproduce the gladness and inner happiness
that characterized the young persecuted church.
Comforted = encouraged, this is the enabling side of
exhortation. It means to lovingly hear the heart beat of a
person's stage of growth and positively help them move beyond
the satisfaction of where they are. We earn this right by loving
faith, friendship and example. We must get along beside them and
help with their load.
R. L. Stevenson "Travels with a Donkey" - "The best thingswe
find in our ravels through the wilderness of this life would is
an honest friend. We travel indeed to find them."
Charged = witnessed, or gave testimony. Communicate the
adventure of maturing by sharing how ...

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