Twin Supports: Grace And Peace by Nelson Price


I THESS. 1:1

I.THE SOCIETY "The church"
EKKLESIA = EK = "out of", and KALEO = "to call" = literally, the
called out company.
The little preposition "en" God the Father and the Lord Jesus
Christ side by side as equals.
Paul never thought of God without seeing the face of Jesus. He
never thought of Jesus without feeling the presence of God. Paul
actually bracketed God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ
together as the ONE source of our strength.
Every believer as a result of being a part of the church is IN
Christ. This church was AT Thessalonica but IN Christ. Its
business address was Thessalonica but its residential was in
Christ. Positionally we are already in heaven thought
experientially we are on earth.
A sophisticated college student asked a missionary "what do you
do when you can't take the superstition and violence and
immorality any longer?" "Simple" was the response. "We just get
on a plane and go back to the mission field."
This preposition carries heavy impact. It means our intellect,
emotions, and will are absorbed in a personal relationship with
Jesus Christ. It means you actually take up residence in Jesus.
Every believer has two homes: one in God - one on Earth. This is
a reminder that even if oppressed by secular society, we are
secure in Christ.
This one word more nearly describes God than any other. In the
Greek language "grace" signified something that gives pleasure.
It gives pleasure to the giver and the recipient. I Peter 4:10
speaks of God' ...

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