Mind: Your Own Business by Nelson Price


II PETER 3: 1,2

Your brain is a marvel. It accommodates up to 100 bits of
information per inch. The brain is the most magnificent
miniaturization in the universe. It weighs only 3 pounds. It
contains 10 billion nerve cells, each with some 25,000 possible
interconnections with other nerve cells. It has been suggested
that to build a computer large enough to have that range of
choices would require an area equal to the surface of the earth.
STIR UP = DIEGEIRO = to arouse, to awaken thoroughly. To keep
mentally alert by God's Word from the prophets, apostles and
Jesus. Keep reviewing it so there is little difficulty
remembering it.
PURE = EILIKRINE = that which is reviewed in the sunlight or
found pure and clear. PURE (sincere) has a Latin source also:
"SINE = "without", CERE = "wax".
Roman sculptors often repaired nicks and flaws with wax. A
flawless sculptor was without wax, that is pretense.
II Cor. 5:17 "Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new
creature..." One thing that passes away is the desire to fill
your mind with filth.
Many young people carry cigarette lighters with them. This is
not because they smoke but so they can burn the filthy
incriminating notes shared with them by friends after they have
read them. The remembrance can't be burned from the mind,
Max Learner, historian and journalist, said: "We are livingin a
Babylo ...

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