Prayer: Our Unlisted Resource by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 6: 5 - 13

JESUS CHRIST taught us to pray. He set the example for us in
prayer. He prayed: at His baptism, temptation, transfiguration,
Lord's Supper. Gethsemane, and briefly on the cross. There was
only one period when He did not pray. That was when the sins of
the world rested on Him on the cross. That in part explains why
so many people are not praying today - SIN.
On a recent flight across our great land I noticed many major
rivers and large lakes. These represent large reserves of
energy. Most of them were not being used to supply our country
with the much needed power. A greater waste is our failure to
In Queensland, Australia some poor workmen tried to eke out a
living in a plot of land. They lived in poverty not knowing that
there on Mt. Morgan beneath their feet was one of the largest
gold deposits in the world. They lived in bread lines with gold
of inestimable value beneath their feet. Many Christians are
living as spiritual paupers because they have failed to use
their greatest right - the right of prayer.
Pacific Golden Plover, Alaska & Siberia, older birds fly to
Hawaii, younger come later, instinct guides their animal nature.
Surely the creator has not left his highest creation without
guidance - prayer is that means of guidance.
Trials and tribulations are gold mines from which we get some of
life's greatest prizes.
"Lord, when am I going to get out of this, - Lord, what am
Igoing to get out of this."
One of the biggest blessings in a persons' life is helplessness.
When this is realized persons respond to Go ...

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