Thank You Lord by Nelson Price


PSALMS 107: 1,2; 28-32

Five Senses:
Baron Von Hugel: "It is harder for a healthy person to be
religious 'than for one whose body is 'a constant failure.'"
PSALMS 107: 28, 31 took this into account and explains why not
all of life is sailed on a smooth sea. It is so we will trust
Him and He can reveal Himself to us.
December 1936, Gen. Chiang Kai-Shek was kidnapped and held
captive. He asked his captors only one favor - a copy of the
Bible. There he found Christ as never before. Mysteriously he
was released on Christmas Day.
November 1942 Captain Eddie Rickenbacker and 7 comrades were
lost adrift in the Pacific. God made himself known to them
through the Book.
Old Prayer Book: "For all thy blessings known and unknown,
remembered and forgotten, we give thee thanks."
A young girl born without arms or legs was asked, "Don't you
sometimes wish you had never been born? When you compare the
life you have with others, how can you believe in God?" Reply:
"I wouldn't have missed the chance to be alive for anything. I
know that what I do seems very little when compared to living at
all, to never have seen, tasted, smelled, heard others but when
compared to not havin ...

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