A Word From Our Sponsor by Nelson Price


JOHN 1: 1 - 5

JESUS CHRIST's birth set in motion a celebration that still
swirls through the Christian world to lift depressed spirits.
In the next few days thousands of pilgrims from all over the
world will crow into the little town of Bethlehem to visit the
place of His birth. On the spot over the place of His birth
stands a large stone church. The inn was not a small thatched
roof barn like such as we envision. It was a series of
interlocking caves in the hillside. People and their animals
slept in such caves during the winter nights. Into this
subterranean stable God Almighty manifested Himself.
A spot in the caves what commemorates the place of His birth is
marked by a golden star, worn smooth by the touch of millions.
Above it is a symbolical eternal light. It is always an
inspirational blessing to visit that spot. Once while climbing
the steps leading out of the cave a misty-eyed friend whispered
to me, "I'm so thankful Jesus was born. How wonderful for me
that he came, I don't know what life would be like for me if He
had not bee born." What a blessing for all of us."
Four different penmen undertook the challenge to share with us
insights regarding Christ's life.
Often stained glass windows use symbols of four characters
gathered around the house as spoken of in Rev. 4:7 to represent
these Gospel presentations. They are a lion, a man, an ox, and
an eagle.
Matthew is represented by the lion. He saw Christ, theMessiah,
the Lion of Judah as Sovereign.
Mark is represented by a man. Mark's is the plainest, most
straight forward Gospel. ...

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