Tis The Reason To Be Jolly by Nelson Price


MARK 1:1

JESUS CHRIST phenomenal involvement in human affairs had so many
different aspects to it that God the Father inspired four
authors to depict his life from various vantage points.
Matthew represented Him as the SOVEREIGN, the descendant of
Abraham. He focuses on the fact of Him being a fulfillment of
prophecy regarding the royal descendant to sit on the throne of
His ancestor David. Great detail is given to His genealogy to
inform the Jewish reader of the O.T. prophecies fulfilled in His
conception, birth, life, death, and resurrection.
Mark gives insight into His role as a SERVANT. Mark does not
deal with His pedigree at all. A servant's ancestry is of no
In the desert region of Jordan I once saw a lovely child of a
slave. I asked how old the child was. The answer, "No one
knows." "When was she born?" "No one cares. The birth and age of
a servant child does not matter."
Against this mentality Mark wrote. His is a gospel of action. He
rarely quotes Jesus. The word "straightway" characterizes the
book and appears frequently therein. It depicts Jesus, the
servant, as straightway going from action to action. Remember,
the book was originally written with Gentile readers in mind,
that is, persons of non-Jewish ancestry.
"Beginning" connotes continuation. What was started in Bethlehem
is still going on today. The cave of His birth isadorned with
tapestries and lamps from heads of state from all continents who
have been there in worship of Him.
That is what the world needed to hear - a new beginning. The dry

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