The Source Of Life's Dynamic by Nelson Price


ACTS 17:28

JESUS CHRIST adds a new dimension to life. One of the first
persons to enjoy this life change was Paul. In Athens he
preached at Mars Hill. Lining the roadway up to the Acropolis
were statues of gods. He used the one to an unknown God to make
known his God. Paul was an intellect; he quoted 2 obscure Greek
poets - Aratus & Cleanthes. Thus, he related to the people in a
way they could understand. In Christ we:
Many persons are living a life described in HAMLET as "stale,
flat and unprofitable."
A modern philosophic writer, James Dillet Freeman, expressed it:
"We live in a time of revolt against reason. Revolt against
beauty. Revolt against joy." He continues in a style less gentle
than one might expect of a philosopher, "Life stinks, people
say, life stinks! Especially the intellectual people say this.
Sophisticated people. Educated people. The people who read books
- even more the people who write them - the artist and scientist
and teachers and scholars."
"In Him..." As a person in a submarine is dependent upon it for
survival while surrounded by an alien environment so we are in
Christ in this world.
A little girl asked her dad, "How can God be everywhere?" Then
touching her on her head, then hand, and lastly foot he asked
her each time, "Are you there?" Then he said, "Just as you are
big enough to be in all those places at once, so God is big
enough to be in Atlanta, London, Tokyo, and all other places
atonce. He is big enough to be with all of us."
"Walk in newness of life..." (Romans 6:4), "Be ...

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