Heaven Is Waiting by Nelson Price



Solomon had just finished the construction of the Temple. God
appeared to him that evening and acknowledged His acceptance of
the house but warned II CHRONICLES 7:14.
I.THE CARNAL CONDITION "wicked ways" A land needing "healing"
IRAN, KOREA, CUBA, MT. ST. HELEN, unemployment, inflation. The
mood of the moment is "offend nobody," "tolerate anything," and
"stand for nothing."
We have unbuttoned our brains and exposed ourselves to
playwrights who are playwrongs with ideas belched from a Bronx
Our movies are a witch's brew of carnality. Musicians have found
the lost chord but lost the message. Secular song writers are
all flats and no sharps.
One of ever 5 Americans needs psychiatric help. 25,000 suicides
per year. 10 times that number try. 6,000,000 alcoholics,
20,000,000 use marijuana, 900 million small arms owned.
We have proven self-government without self-discipline, won't
work. Consequence - II Chronicles 7: 19, 20.
II.THE CORRECTIVE CATALYST "My people which are called by my
They are the cause of America being spared. 70 to 80% of all
foreign missionaries come from America. 80 to 90% of all mission
money comes from America.
A. Humble Themselves. A cross is an "I" crossed out.
1. Toward God - I Peter 5:6, "Humble yourselves therefore under
the mighty ...

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