To Be Renewed: Rest And Wait by Nelson Price


PSALMS 37: 1 - 7

Hebrew: "Be silent in God." "Hold thou still before God." This
implies a troubled mind, an agitated state of being, a person
perplexed, mentally extended, emotionally exhausted, and
physically depleted. It depicts one with a great cloud over his
These words are addressed to 2 groups: (1) the conscience -
convicted, sin weary unbeliever. (2) the distracted and
distraught believer experiences trials.
There is an active and a passive rest.
ACTIVE rest is being engaged in work, doing God's will. This
enables one to get your mind off yourself and yourself off your
mind. This requires involvement with detachment.
PASSIVE rest involves unplugging and setting aside time to be
alone with God. This is the interior fountain of active
This is difficult for us enthusiasts.
A well know psychiatrist has written, "Repose in God is the
secret of power." Psychologically there is a reason. We use only
a small percent of our mind. It is divided into the conscious,
fore-conscious, and subconscious. In the routine of a busy day
the conscious mind is used. The fore-conscious mind is the seat
of the imaginative and contemplative faculties. Poems, music,
prayers, insight and creativity of all forms rise from here. It
is there that great enterprises are given birth. There God
andman meet.
We are like birds looking for a tree in which to nest, but every
tree in the forest has a woodsman's mark on it awaiting the
cutting. Every tree that is, but one. That one is illustrative
of Jesus.

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