Resurrection: Reality And Results by Nelson Price


I CORINTHIANS 15: 12-14; 57 & 58
Jesus Christ's bodily resurrection was a reality in conflict
with normalcy. Not only was resurrection unheard of it was
considered undesirable by many. For this reason Paul wrote I
Corinthians 15.
Paul had previously preached of the resurrection of the dead in
Corinth. They reacted with ridicule. Acts 17:32 "when they heard
Paul speak about a raising from death, some of them made fun of
him..." They did not believe this new truth. Why? Because they
did not want to believe.
Greek culture of the period was dualistic. They believed in
eternal forces of good and evil. To them the spiritual was the
good side. The material was the bad side.
They believed the human spirit would go to heaven; but not the
body. In their thinking they separated their body from their
spirit. They believed that what they did with their body was not
related to their spirit. Two schools of thought developed:
HEDONISTIC - indulgence in sensual desires.
ASCETIC - denying the body normal comforts.
Both groups were happy to think of death as finally freeing them
from the body.
Now Paul was preaching a bodily resurrection. This they
resented. I Cor. 15: 23,25 speaks of the phases of the
A. Resurrect ...

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