How To Be A Fulfulled Father by Nelson Price



Shortly before the outbreak of World War II the great military
forces of the Axis and Allies were poised but engaged in no
military action. Historians called it "the phony war." Then a
swift series of lightning, like strikes, called a "blitzkrieo",
the German's struck. They virtually destroyed the Allied war
machine. It was no phony war after all.
Look at a tiny innocent child, sweet, cute, cuddly. Never could
there be hostility between this delightful child and parents.
Then it strikes. That emerging child learns to play every crack
in the family to the optimum.
When the war ends with the child, now an adult leaving home,
parents are disseminated.
Some are bitter, disillusioned and defeated. 75% of the letters
to a certain columnist indicate child rearing had been
miserable. Such bitter parents total up the cost of rearing and
educating a child and conclude it was a waste. They say to
younger parents, "Enjoy them now, they will crush you later."
A second group of parents are those who are sad and bewildered.
They spend hours reflecting on their wrong turns. What went
wrong? Much of their time is like a TV replay for analysis.
A third group is the defiant ones. They emphatically insist they
did nothing wrong. Visit their home. They have no pictures of
their children and conversation excludes them.
It doesn't have to be so. To avoid it employ Ephesi ...

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