Gratitude's Three Demensional Response by Nelson Price



JESUS CHRIST has chosen you. You should feel honored and respond
in gratitude. In our text Paul reminds us of our "election of
Hang on for a minute and let's plum the depths of this deep
Ephesians 1: 4,5 can help our understanding. The word translated
"election" is translated "chosen" in Ephesians. These two
English words are simply synonymous for the same Greek
word...EXELEXATO, meaning "picked for Himself."
Election is not coercive, we may freely respond or reject His
love. However, if God had not chosen us we could not choose Him.
He did not choose us because we are good, BUT so He through us
could do good.
People are not lost because they are not elected BUT because
they have rejected Christ.
Basically "election" means God has taken the initiative in His
purpose to save us. Apart from His initiative no one could be
This does not imply fatalism. It does not indicate God intended
to save some and reject others. It does not mean God decided to
save as few as possible but as many as possible. It must be
understood in light of "whosoever believeth" (John 3:16) and
"whosoever will" (Romans 22:17).
"Predestined" = PROORISAS, is a misunderstood word that when
understood helps explain "election." It is a surveyor's
termmeaning to "horizon off beforehand" or to "mark off a
boundary in advance." Thus, God marked off the boundary before
the creation of life and predetermined that all who entered that
boundary would be saved. The boundary in Christ.
God in His sover ...

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