A Battle Of Gods by Nelson Price


II Timothy 4: 5 - 8

JESUS CHRIST said, "In this world you shall have tribulation..."
Realistically the Bible speaks of the believer constantly being
engaged in spiritual combat.
New Testament writers, as contemporary writers, use figurative
speech of their time to communicate truths. They illustrate
higher spiritual truths.
Much of our vocabulary has its roots in Greek and Latin of the
N.T. era. ARENA = (Latin) Arena = sand; CIRCLE = (Lat) CIRCUS =
an oblong area; PODIUM = (Latin) Place of Honor.
Paul was writing young Timothy from Rome, from within sight of
the construction of the Colosseum and the existing Circus
Maximus. The Circus Maximus in the time of Caesar seated
150,000, Titus = 250,000, 4th Century = 385,000.
These places saw much blood shed. At one feat 600 bears and 800
lions died. During the 120 days of dedication of the Colosseum
12,000 beasts and 10,000 were killed. Here many of our ancestors
in the faith died.?
Come inside the Colosseum a moment with me. Beneath the main
floor are cages for 2000 wild beasts. At one end of the arena is
a large arched entrance. It is the "Door of the Living" =
(Latin). "Porta Sanavivaria".
The choicest location in the seats was reserved for the Caesar.
It was called the Podium. He was considered by the Romans to be
their God. As the gladiators entered the Porta Sanavivaria they
chanted "Ave, Caesar, Morituri Salutant" = "Hail to Thee,
OCaesar; those about to die greet thee." How could they enter
with such joyful delight knowing many of them would die? Because
they believed they were offering their life ...

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