I'm Everything To Him by Nelson Price



JESUS CHRIST wants you to know just how important you are to
Him. To help our limited understanding be expanded, He told
great truths in simple story form. One story form was known as a
parable. Matthew recorded several of these related to the
Kingdom of God in one chapter.
On the shores of the Sea of Galilee Jesus told four parables and
then He took His disciples in the house and shared additional
ones. The first one told to this inner circle was about a buried
treasure. I like stories about finding treasures. Most of us
have heard Robert Louis Stevenson's story of "Treasure Island".
Just to think of it calls up visions of gold dabloons, jewels,
and other valuables.
In Jesus' time there were no banks. There was a rabbinical
saying that the only safe place for wealth was the earth. People
commonly hid their valuables in the earth. (Describe man
finding, covering, and purchasing land). What does it mean?
This is a parable that is also often misinterpreted. Let's
consider first the common interpretation and evaluate why it is
wrong. Commonly:
TREASURE - Jesus or salvation. The Bible does not depict Christ
as hidden. He is spoken of as "revealed" and "manifested". He
came to seek and to save.
FIELD - Scripture in which Jesus is found.
BUYER - Lost person. However, the Bible tells us salvation is
"without money and without price". Nowhere in the Bible
issalvation ever depicted as something we have to or can buy. We
are all spiritual paupers, therefore, salvation is a free gift.
At every point this interpretation of the parable break ...

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