Would You Help Jesus Carry His Cross? by Nelson Price


MARK 15: 16 - 28
MATTHEW 27: 32
LUKE 23: 26

JESUS CHRIST went through a series of mock trials early in the
morning and was condemned to be crucified. Between the spot of
condemnation and crucifixion the distance was approximately one
mile. Today walk the last mile with Jesus... The route is known
as the Via Delorosa, the way of sorrows. The procession started
in the city but went outside the city wall for the final
execution. For centuries a process depicting this reality had
involved that route. Each year a goat was chosen. The priests
laid their hands on the head of the goat and led him out of the
city to kill it. The animal was known as a scapegoat. Jesus was
our scapegoat. Our sins were laid on Him.
Join the procession with me. Such execution processions were led
by a soldier carrying a placard = TITULUS, with the charges
against the accused written on it. Pilate had the message
written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin. Three Gospel writers tell us
what was written on the Titulus. Each records it slightly
differently. This has led some critics to say there is an error
in the Bible. No, each one simply translated a different one of
the three languages. The essence of the inscription is
important. It read: "Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews".
The reason for the soldiers leading a procession with such a
placard was to give anyone a chance to appeal the charge if they
had reason to dispute it. The crowd was and always was with
Jesus. No one denied the charge. After all at His birth the
angel, Gabriel,said He would sit on the "throne o ...

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