How To Be A Happy Homemaker by Nelson Price

Nelson Price
LUKE 15:11-24

READ: VSS. 11-13 & 18-24

I.COMPASSIONATE - Ran to meet his son

Does your family members regularly receive more strokes than knocks from you?
Do you share pleasant leisure time?
Do you usually settle disagreements with mutual satisfaction and no bitterness?
Do you make others feel wanted, loved and appreciated?
Do you work ambitiously at contributing to making yours a happy home?

"My child, are you afraid to die?"
"No daddy, not if God is like you."

II.FORGIVING - Matthew 6: 14, 15

Evidences we are losing our will to forgive. Marked increase in requests for marriage counseling. State of mental health in America: depression, hypertension, and anxiety are on the increase. Child abuse.

No relationship exists long without tensions.
No community continues long without conflicts.
No human interaction occurs without possible pain, injury, suffering, and alienation.
Hurts happen. Misunderstandings occur. Trouble is inevitable.

Marriage consists of a series of actions and reactions motivated by our conscious and subconscious minds. The more active and creative people are the greater are their chances of conflict. Fighting is not the answer. Forgiveness is.

Without forgiveness relationships can last only where persons involved are cautiously and constantly superficial.

With forgiveness we are free to relate to each other with integrity.

Any movement toward forgiveness begins with the ...

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