He Rose To The Occasion by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 28: 1 - 8

JESUS CHRIST moved out of the tomb on that first Easter morning
just before the sun edged above the horizon and light ignited
the indigo sky of a new day.
In that instant he brought into focus a whole new perception of
human worth and wholeness.
His resurrection emblazoned across the sky of history the final
irrefutable evidence that Jesus Christ is Lord of death and
Master of Life.
His followers in the first century so fully accepted the fact of
His bodily resurrection that over 5,000,000 of them died as
martyrs rather than disclaim it.
There are three statements associated with His resurrection that
can help us get life into perspective.
I.FEAR NOT (Vs. 5).
The Greek verb tense used means "stop being afraid." All His
little cadre of friends could say was, "We had HOPED that He was
the one to redeem Israel..." (Luke 24:21). Their hope had died.
When hope died fear was given birth. In the moment of death
everything seems frozen to those grieving. There is only
yesterday - there is no tomorrow.
They were living on the wrong side of the resurrection. Today
those who are still searching for some man-made, humanistic
solution to our problem are living on the wrong side of the
resurrection also. In the resurrection, the empire of joy,
peace, and liberty was brought to light.
Death had caused them great fear. It still strikes terror in the
hearts of many. (Illustration: Doctor trying to reassure dying
patient. His dog began to scratch on the door. "Heaven is like
that. My dog has never been in this room but he hears my voic ...

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