The Faith Factor In Happiness by Nelson Price


JOHN 14: 1 - 7

The disciples' world is about to unsuspectingly go into eclipse
at mid-day. Their world is about to fall apart. There is much in
our world to cause distress, also.
Christ has always honestly told His followers of both the GLORY
and the PAIN involved in following Him. Every believer should
realize you should not expect to eat the honey unless you are
willing to take the stings.
Jesus Christ's time of sharing in the Upper Room and
repetitiously been interrupted by Peter. He, at first, refused
to let his feet be washed and then asked to be completely
bathed. He had inquired as to whom would betray Christ. His
pendulum personality had swung so often he had virtually worn
out his mood ring. Then (13:36) he asked, "Lord whither goest
In answering Peter's questions, Christ reveals that:
By realizing:
A. He is Reliable. Trust in God gives confidence in Christ.
"Wilt though also go away?...Lord, where else is there to go?"
Christ's statement is actually a double-plus imperative: "Have
faith in God, and in me have faith."
BELIEVE = faith = confidence in God's character.
The origin of trouble in every life is the failure to have faith
in God. Adam and Eve are examples.
Without faith, my life is like the Sea of Galilee; night-bound
and storm-tossed. With Him, His Word of peace prevails.Faith is
submission of your reason to all He has revealed.
"All that I have seen of my creator teaches me to trust Him for
all I have not seen."
Faith does not ignore facts; it introduces facts, t ...

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