The Element Of Obedience In Happiness by Nelson Price


JOHN 15: 1 - 5

Jesus has left the Upper Room with His disciples and now walks
down Mt. Zion through the Valley of Jesophat, across the Brook,
Kedron, to the Garden of Gethsemame. The walk carries them
through freshly pruned vineyards Doubtless, smoldering embers
remain from fires in which the pruned limbs were burned. A
Passover moon beams down on them as He teaches.
The subject is not SALVATION, but SERVICE. The pruning does not
elude to the loss of salvation, but to the loss of fellowship
resulting from unproductivity.
Christ speaks of: I'm sitting down on the outside, but I'm
standing up on the inside.
SPURGEON: "Let Godhood persuade you."
Productivity, "fruitfulness," consequence from "abiding." The
Greek word for "abide" is MENO. It is translated by eight
different English words in the N.T.: Abide, be present,
continue, dwell, endure, remain, stand, tarry.
Vs. 7, We abide in Him when: (a) He abides in us and (b) His
word abides in us.
Much argument over inspiration of scripture. The real issue is
do you obey it.
A recent Gallup Poll showed Americans are "impressively
religious." As the poll probed beneath the surface, they found 3
out of 4 "Do not connect religion with their judgement of right
and wrong." If you think you are saved but you aren't
interestedin obedience, you had better check your ticket (James
2:14). Loving God is more than emotional goose bumps; it is
commitment to selfless love.
Do you love God enough to obey.
Don't throw God a bone unless it has the meat of ...

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