A Miracle Related Disability by Nelson Price


JOHN 5: 6 - 9

JESUS CHRIST is willing to walk right into the middle of our
misery. When He does, He doesn't come as a spectator, but as an
He visited the Pool of Bethesda, called the House of Mercy,
where lay all manner of wasted forms, and pale, sorrowful faces.
It was a mixing pot of pain. There people with an eagerness not
far from despair gathered around anything that seemed even
vaguely to offer hope. Notice:
I.THE DESIRE "Wilt thou be made whole?" (Vs. 6)
Christ did not ask just to get information but to gain His
attention. A smile on Christ's face would have changed the
meaning of the question into an offer of healing - "I will heal
you if you really want it!" In effect He was asking, "Are you
There is a connected statement in Vs. 21 that must not be
overlooked, "The Son quickeneth whom He will." Why did He pick
up this man and only this man from the many sick and infirmed at
Bethesda that day? Some continued sick and suffering, "Why?"
Christ's choice and decision was based on 2 factors: LOVE and
Our adversities may be our avenue of opportunity. (Nathaniel
Hawthorne came home despondent one day after losing his
government job. As he sat dejected his wife brought him paper
and pen and with a smile said, "Now you can write your book."
The result was the Scarlet Letter.
Why was one healed? He was not healed as a pet but as a pattern.
I Peter 5:10 gives penetrating insight into suffering. It is to:
"Make you perfect" = put broken pieces back together.
"Stablish" = confirm
"Strengthe ...

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