Guess Who Really Wants Your Body by Nelson Price


ROMANS 12: 1, 2

JESUS CHRIST is history's biggest non-conformist. He asked His
followers to come after Him. One of those followers, Paul, asked
his fellow followers to present their bodies to Christ as a
living sacrifice.
This appeal was made against a backdrop of the coliseum in Rome
where many of their loved ones and friends had been slaughtered
for following Christ. Following Him was always costly.
In a world that revels in immorality, Christ calls forth people
who reveal immortality.
In The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, E. Gibbon gives as
one of the main causes of the growth of the early church in the
decadent empire the pure morality of the Christians, who, by
their steadfast non-conformity to the world around the, shown as
lights in the darkness and worked as salt in a pagan society.
The principle has not changed. Purity for conscience sake,
goodness out of conviction, self-restraint motivated by love for
God and man, have not lost their winsomeness. In our secular
society, as in imperial Rome, Christlikeness still has its
ancient power.
A resurgence of Christian responsibility expressed in thoughtful
discernment and responsible restraint is needed today.
The Christian is not responsible for imposing His convictions
upon the world, but it is the obligation of the Christian to
declare his convictions to the world and therebyevidence his not
I.THE PLEA "...present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,
Beseech - same root as is used of the Holy Spirit; it speaks of
help ...

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