Christmas: How, Who, Why? by Nelson Price


MATTHEW 1: 18 - 25

JESUS CHRIST miraculously was born of a virgin. In contrast with
all laws of bio-genetics, He had no earthly father. Anyone
knowing anything about natural procuration knows this is
impossible. Within the scope of our limited earthly knowledge it
is impossible.
(Charles Kettering and 30 x 50 stainless steel. Page 6, Only the
Beginning. Compare with bumble bee, aerospace industry, and
disease control).
I.HOW WAS HE BORN - Of a Virgin (Vs. 23)
Note a question prompted by vs. 18 - "espoused...before they
came together." In Israel parents signed a contract of marriage
agreement. The couple did not see each other for one year
without parental supervision. At the end of one year the
marriage was consummated. Since this was a stringent contract,
they were considered married though living apart with their
It was during this time Mary conceived of the Holy Ghost. The
Heavenly Father programmed it during this period to help
substantiate it as a fact. A basic law stated: "If a virgin
espoused to a man is found to be with child, he shall denounce
her before the council, and they shall stone her with stones
till she is dead..."
Thus, Mary knew her pregnancy at this time put her under the
penalty of death. Yet, immediately upon hearing the angel's
message, she went immediately to visit Elizabeth. That does not
seem the conduct of a cowering young woman stooped with guilt.
Ifshe were she surely would not have gone to Elizabeth, the wife
of the High Priest who would be her judge and inflexible jury.
He as the fountainhead of ...

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