How To Get Tongue Tied (3 of 3) by Curt Dodd

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Part III
James 3:1-12 (Key Verse 10)

We need to be in much prayer for this coming weekend concerning,
well, in fact, I'm just going to a "State of the Union Address",
a "State of the Church Address" and where our church heads from
now on to help disciple folks to be mature followers of Christ.
In fact, even as I speak, our Met Road Trainers are being
trained how to teach these three (3) levels of discipleship. So
you be in prayer for them and as we get ready to take the next
steps together, it'll be an exciting process.

As you're turning to James, allow me to say very quickly to you
that sometimes misinformation floats around all the time and
especially when there is something new that we've never done
before. There are some folks who understand certain things, I
just want to say something tonight and then I'm going to say it
again this weekend so when I say it tonight and I say it again
this weekend, you'll say, "You know, that's right!" So I just
need to say it a couple of times so then you can say it and make
sure if anybody misunderstands that they won't because you can
set them straight.

The Met Road is going to be a process for discipleship. Some
folks have asked, "Does someone have to take Met Member in order
to become a Met Member? Do they have to complete Met Member in
order to be a member?" The answer is, "No!" Have you got that?
That's what you say to them. "Do they have to take that course
in order to be a member?" The answer is, "No."

Just because I wear a wedding ring, do I have to? No, I'm
married even without that ring on my finger. I wear a ring
bec ...

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