The Second Best Thing In Life by Curt Dodd

Ephesians 2:10

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ
Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in
advance for us to do."

This morning unapologetically I speak to believers. I speak
even more specifically to the members of The Met. I want to
share with you first of all that the purpose of our church is
1. Number one, the purpose of our church is to reach the
secular man for Christ to win him to Jesus.
2. Second of all, the purpose of our church is to develop that
person who has been reached for Christ into a radical believer
in Jesus.

So therefore, it is like a tree that grows strong with two main
shoots from the trunk, one is in the area of regeneration and
the other is in the area of personal development. So you could
say that this is a life development church. We are in the
business of leading people to the place where they experience
eternal life and then see God's eternal life work out through
their life to where they are involved in the lives of others.
That's how God wants us to live, that's where He desires this
church to move.

So the second best thing in life is simply this: get involved
in ministry.

Why is that so important? Well, according to James 2, verse 14,
the scripture says:
"What good is it my brothers if a man claims to have faith but
has no deeds?"

There is to be a proper balance in our life between faith and
works. If we have truly had a saving experience, a true genuine
authentic relationship with Christ, it will produce itself
through a ministry that seeks to be a bless ...

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