How To Say - - No, When You Want To Say Yes by Curt Dodd

James 1:13-18

O boy, I'm glad you're here. This has been a crazy week for a
lot of us, in fact, it's been a crazy year for a lot of us. But
God's Word is always the same, it's the same yesterday and today
and forever and the Bible says that heaven and earth will pass
away but God's Word will last forever.

Let me tell you something, I pray more than anything else in the
world that your faith is not rooted in music and you do not
receive primary comfort in your Christian life from music. You
say, "Well, whoa! I don't know if I like that!" Then listen
here, your primary comfort and your primary sense of relief and
trust ought to be rooted in the Word of God and not anything
else for it's from the Word of God that we get direction how to
live and how we root our life and what to believe and how God
wants us to experience Him. Sometimes we put the emphasis on
the right word but the wrong syllable of the wonderful Word.

That's where God wants to take us afresh and anew to His Word
tonight as we look at an issue which is so important that all of
us deal with and that is the area of temptation. God is giving
you a faith that will stand in the face of temptation. He not
only gives you a faith that stands in trials, but He gives you
one that will stand in the face of temptation. Because all of
us get tempted. The Bible says in James 1, verses 13-18 and let
me encourage you to take your Bibles and turn there for our
study tonight. The scripture says this:

"When tempted, no one should say, 'God is tempting me.' For God
cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone ...

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