What Women Wish They Knew About Real Men by Curt Dodd

Genesis 1:27
"God created man in His own image,
in the image of God He created Him;
male and female He created them."

Several weeks ago, I gave women an opportunity for them to
express some of the things they wish they understood about men.
Now honestly, I can't mention all of them, but I found them to
be in several categories of great interests. Some of the most
funny and amusing were:
1. Why do men wear their underwear until it is in rags? The
answer is, we are just trying to save money.
2. The second one I thought was interesting was why do men
refuse to close cabinets and drawers? The answer is: it helps
ventilation in the house.
3. Why do men always think about food? The answer is, so women
won't always say that we are thinking about sex.
4. The fourth one I thought was critical, why are men such
pigs? I don't know, why are men such pigs?

Let me ask you this? What is the number one thing men want to
know about women? I'll tell you what it is, why are women never
satisfied with them? They say, "They are a mystery." They look
at their sons and go, "Son, you'll never understand women, you
can't live with them, you can't live without them just accept
them." When a woman gets a book on marriage, it makes a man
feel like, "What's wrong? What have I done?" And he feels like
even if the preacher is going to preach on marriage like he's in
for it when he gets home, she's going to let him have it. But
we'll deal with that later. I want you to know I face two
critical challenges in this particular message, (1) number one
is not to offend women, especially women ...

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