Real Men Quiche Or Not, What Makes A Real Man? by Curt Dodd

Genesis 1:27
"So God created man in His own image,
in the image of God He created him;
male and female He created them."

Several years back there was a book entitled, REAL MEN DON'T EAT
QUICHE. It had some wonderful one-liners which provided much
humor for many of us. I'll never forget that book as a gift
from a friend, another man. Some of those one-liners were,
"Real men don't floss." "Real men don't buy flight insurance."
"Real men don't play frisbee." "Real men don't use seat
belts." "Real men don't use zip codes." "Real men don't call
for a fair catch."

Well, what is a real man? Often we can better define what a
real man is by understanding what he is not. Allow me to give
you three basis things that a real man is not:

1. A real man is not the physical embodiment of a celluloid
image. Sadly, our whole culture is bombarded with an image of
machismo concerning maleness. A kind of a cross between Arnold
Schwartzneger and Sylvester Stallone with a little bit of "Make
my day" Clint Eastwood, with a memory of John Wayne Pilgrim. We
have this manly image that reaches all the way back to Humphrey
Bogartism and that is a real man! But I want you to know, that
is not real manhood, that is a character on a screen.
What is a real man? Well second:

2. A real man is not a feminine idea of sensitivity and
vulnerability. In the book, REAL MEN QUICHE OR NOT, they
describe who is a real man and who isn't. John Wayne, real man;
Phil Donahue, not; Dwight Eisenhower, real man; Alan Alda, not.
Sometimes, we hear as men these phrases, thes ...

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