How To Go With The Flow (2 of 4) by Curt Dodd

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Part 2
Philippians 2:12-13
Thank you Craig, the first time I heard him do that, I was
preaching in his brother's church in Monoville Baptist Church
which is that way. Go to Hempstead and maybe you'll find it.
His brother, Mike, is the pastor, and it is one of the most
wonderful churches I think I've ever spoken in and I was
thinking when I began to do that revival that maybe Mike may
want me to bring some folks from our church to do special music.
Ha, think again. That whole church sang special music, there
were probably nine or ten a night. And Craig was one of the
ones who ministered before the Lord and ministered in that place
and man I just sat there and wept. I don't know about you but
the more I look at my life and the further I get along with
Christ, the more I realize that I need Him.

Let's just stop one more time and just talk to Jesus, will you,
with me? Jesus, we just want to tell you tonight that we really
do need you. We are helpless without you and I don't mind
saying that publically, Jesus. Without you, ministry just
doesn't happen, my life just doesn't click, this church doesn't
hum without you, Jesus, the choir doesn't happen, Sunday School
doesn't buzz without your presence and the worship service is
just flat without your presence. Jesus, we need you in our
marriages, we need you in our home, we need you in the
relationships that we have in our offices and where we are in
school. Tonight, we want to tell you once again
unapologetically, Jesus, we need you. And because we need you,
because we know that your Word tells us that when we seek you
with all of our heart, we will be found b ...

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